Maybank QRPay eWallet

Friday, 26 April 2019

Maybank QRPay is Now Available in EzCab

GOOD NEWS! You can now Ride & Pay with Maybank QRPay.
Note: You may install Maybank MY apps in your mobile phone.

Download here:

How to BOOK with Maybank QRPay?

Step 1


Step 2

Click to CHOOSE the payment method.

Step 3

Select "Maybank QRPay" as your payment method.

Step 4

Click "BOOK" to make order.

More cashless payment options:

Credit Card


WeChat Pay

Touch 'n Go


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How to PAY with Maybank QRPay?

Step 1

Once you have arrived at your destination, open your MAYBANK app.

Step 2

Click "QRPay" button at the bottom.

Step 3

Click PAY button above.

Step 4

Let Driver scan your Maybank QRPay code to complete the payment.

Step 5

After Driver scanned your Maybank QRPay code, close the apps and re-open EzCab apps to complete your ride.

Step 6

Rate and put in the comment for your Driver and click "SUBMIT".


Maybank QRPay is a eWallet payment feature integrated into the Maybank app, Rider now can go cashless by select Pay with ‘Maybank QRPay’ and complete payment quickly with smartphones.
Click on 'PAY'
This is a customer-presented QR Code whereby EzCab Customer will generate the QR Code and present it to EzCab Drivers to scan the QR Code and process the transaction.
If you're facing issues, please try any of these methods:
  • Refresh your QRPay code - QRPay code only valid for 1 minute, Kindly refresh your QRPay code.
  • Check Internet Connection - Poor internet connectivity will causes transaction failed. Good Internet connection is required to use the app. Re-launch the app when the internet connection is good.
  • Check your balance in account - Ensure your account balance is enough to pay for the ride.

For further enquiries, please email to or pm us at

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