1. How long before my appointment time do I need to call EzCab?
When you view the app it shows how far away your closest driver is at that time, gauge accordingly. If you're in a highly populated area you only need request 5-15 min in advance. If you already comfirmed your traveling time, our system allows advance booking. Just specify the date / time you need for the pick-up.

2. How much time in advance should I give to make an advance booking?
Advance booking need to be made at least 30 minutes in advance.

3. Is there any surcharge for advance booking?
There is no additional surcharge for advance booking with EzCab.

4. If the GPS location detected by the EzCab app is wrong, how do I amend the address?
If the GPS location detected is wrong, you can tap to change the pick-up location, then manually key in the building name, block number, street name or postal code in the "Enter Address" field to correct it.

5. Is it necessary to tip the driver?
Tipping is not mandatory. Tipping should be done at your discretion as a reward or as an additional incentive to driver in the following situation:

  • During the peak hour or traffic jam, most of the driver might be reluctant to get caught in the jam.
  • To pick you up from or to remote location. In this case, driver may have to take the extra effort to send you to or pick you up from that location. Most of them will make to make an empty trip to / from the pickup / drop off location.

6. How can I call for two or more EzCab cars?
Each EzCab account can only request one car. Someone else in your party will need to order the second car from another EzCab account or you can mention how many pax you have and our customer support will contact you to assist to make the necessary arrangement.

7. How can I request receipts for my trip(s)?
You may request the receipts from the EzCab driver. However, for record of history trips, we can only provide your history trips record from our system database with the estimated fare (which usually is very close to the actualy fare paid). You may email your request to support@ezcab.com.my by providing the following information:

  • a) Your EzCab account login ID
  • b) Date range for the trip(s) required*

*Note: We can only generate your trip history up to the last 3 months.

8. I would like to ask, does extra charges applied for multiple stops? Can i know the exact amount per stop? Is it fixed?
EzCab have features for multiple stops. You can select additional location for your ride. For the fare enquiry, you can check out in our apps anytime & the fare will display in apps before you book.

Click here for more details of Multi Stop Guide.


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