How to accept DuitNow QR order

Thursday, 22 Oct 2020

Passenger are allowed to book their ride with DuitNow QR.

No worries, the fare paid will automatically credit into Bank Account within 2 working days.

How to accept DuitNow QR order

Order screen 1:

Order screen 2:


Show your DuitNow QR (Lanyard) to Customer to perform Payment checkout Scanning.

*Customer scan your DuitNow QR Code

Once Payment completed, you will  received a payment SMS notification of the payment status.

*Fare of rides will credit into your EzWallet within 5 working days.

Once Payment completed, kindly swipe ‘Proceed’ to end the ride.

How to accept EzDelivery order

Wednesday, 15 Apr 2020

How to accept EzDelivery order


a. Fare amount - Delivery fee.
b. Service type & Payment paid by - Collect the payment from Sender.
c. Pick up point - Location that pick up item from Sender.
d. Drop off point - Location of Recipient to receive items.

Step 1

Slide Pick Up once items have been collected from Sender.

Step 2

Slide Drop off once the item has been delivered to Recipient.

Step 3

Done & Rate your customer.

For further enquiry, feel free to email us at

New Pick Up & Drop Off point e-hailing in Airport Malaysia

Thursday, 1 Aug 2019

New Pick Up & Drop Off point e-hailing in Airport Malaysia

Regulated by Ministry of Transport (MOT)


Please select the topic below

New E-Hailing Pick Up Point in KLIA

Kindly informed that NEW designated Pick Up point for Kuala Lumpur Airport which are Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) & Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) will be effective from 1 August 2019. 

Total of 2 lanes in KLIA.

  • Innermost lane - For Metered Taxi only. (Passenger exit from Level 1, Door 1 & Door 2)
  • Outermost lane - For e-Hailing pick up only. (Passenger exit from Level 1, Door 3 & Door 4)

New Arrangement E-Hailing Drop-off Points in KLIA

Passengers and Drivers are to take note of designated pickup points:

New E-Hailing Pick Up Point in KLIA2

E Lane (E-Hailing Lane Standard Operating Procedure)

  • Car shall stop at the E Lane entrance for verification before allowed to enter into the pick up area.

How it works:

Road Direction:

1. Keep to the Left lane.

2. Get in the Bus/Taxi/Motorcycle lane.

3. Drive straight to the ehailing pickup zone next to the NZ Curry House.

4. Keep moving and hear to the entrance of the ehailing pickup zone.

5. When you see this entrance, Turn Right and show Order to Marshall to verify.

6. The Marshal who verify before you are allowed to enter pick up zone.

7. Heading towards the pickup zone on the designated box for ehailing Driver.

8. Waiting for passengers in the pickup zone. Bays space is available for 8 drivers only and pickup time for each car is 5 minutes.

Passenger Waiting Area

Driver E-Hailing Driver’s Guide

Updated: 9 October 2019


EzCab: E-Hailing Driver's Guide

"Effective from 12 October 2019, EzCab drivers are required qualify to become a valid e-hailing driver as determined by the Ministry of Transport Malaysia"


Please click the button below to know more about E-Hailing Drivers.

1. E-Hailing Chart Flow

Reference guidelines chart for drivers to obtain a valid E-Hailing Driving License.

For the latest information, you can visit the JPJ, APAD and PUSPAKOM portal.




or Email to

For more information, please refer to FAQ

2. Important steps to become E-Hailing Driver

For the latest information, you can visit the JPJ, APAD and PUSPAKOM portal.




or Email to

For more information, please refer to FAQ

Driver Frequent Ask Questions

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Frequent Ask Questions

Please click on the button below for more information.

  E-Hailing Vocational License (PSV)

PSV License is a vocational driving license that allows its holder to drive any kind of vehicle for the purpose of carry passengers like a taxi.
The maximum cost for a PSV licence is RM200. This is inclusive of the required 6-hour training (RM190) and registration PSV test (RM10).
You only required to do so from 12th July 2019. For the time being until early of July, you are not required to submit information about PSV license.
Drivers have to register for it at Driving Institute.
Yes. EzCab will assist drivers to apply for and obtain a PSV license before 12 October 2019. After October 12, ePSV applications will no longer be available.
No. As a taxi driver, you can use your existing PSV license for E-Hailing purpose.

  Medical Checkup

Any nearest government or private clinic.
Average cost for medical check up is around RM40 - RM50 (depend on clinic type).
Please bring along JPJL8A form and complete part I, II and III of section F. Make sure you get the payment receipt and stamp of medical profesional as a proof for your medical report.
Yes. You have to complete all parts of the form before register for PSV training course.


Original and photocopy of vehicle registration card.
Original and photocopy of vehicle ownership certificate.
1kg fire extinguisher.
Standard Triangle Emergency Alert.
First Aid Tool (for over 7 passengers vehicle only).
All cars used for E-Hailing should have a minimum rating of three (3) ASEAN NCAP ratings or equivalent and should be less than 10 years old.
No. It is only required for cars over 3 years.
First Inspection (First Time) Annual Inspection (Yearly) Re-Inspection (If Fail)
RM 70 RM 55 RM 25
a) Car's identity inspection.
b) Outside and inside of the vehicle.
c) Inspection on land.
d) e-Hailing Inspection.

Please refer here for details inspection list.

  Additional E-Hailing Insurance

E-hailing insurance is an addition to your private motor insurance. It provides protection for e-hailing tasks.
You need to refer to the insurance company used for your private motor insurance.
It provides protection for e-hailing tasks. This also includes loss or damage to vehicles, liability for passengers and third parties, as well as accident protection while you are operating as an e-hailing driver.
The estimated cost for e-hailing insurance is RM400 a year.

Drivers can purchase this additional insurance as listed below.

No. Insurance Company Website Link
1 Allianz Malaysia Berhad
2 AXA Insurance SmartDrive
3 Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad
4 Chubb Malaysia Insurance
5 Etiqa Insurances Berhad
6 Kurnia Insurance
7 MSIG Malaysia
8 Tokio Marine Insurances Group

  E-Hailing Vehicle Permit (EVP)

E-hailing Operators (EHOs) are required to apply for EVP to onboard Driver-Partners on the platform
Driver-Partners need to obtain an E-hailing Vehicle Permit (EVP). You’ll need to submit your PSV license and vehicle details to us in the EVP application form over here. EzCab will apply to APAD for EVP on behalf of our Driver-Partners.
Yes. Each EHOs will issue you ONE(1) EVP. Total THREE(3) EVP you will be received if you drive with THREE(3) EHOs.

  Road Transport Department (JPJ)

Yes. Required to declare as private e-hailing in order to be a legal driver and the code "AH" will automatic update by JPJ once get EVP.
  • Browse the JPJ portal:
  • Key in Identification number (NRIC).
  • Screenshot your personal details and exam results.
  • Layari portal JPJ:
  • Masukkan nombor Kad Pengenalan diri.
  • Ambil gambar tangkap skrin butiran peribadi dan keputusan ujian.

The steps to check exam results.

Step 1: Key in Identification Number (NRIC).

Step 2: Screenshot personal details.

Step 3: Screenshot exam results.

Untuk maklumat terkini, anda boleh layari portal JPJ, APAD dan PUSPAKOM.




atau Email kepada

Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila layari Garis Panduan Pemandu E-Hailing

Driver’s Chat Guide

Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

Driver’s Chat Guide

Dear Drivers-Partner,

We are excited to announce that EzDriver are now available with the In Apps chat feature!
We hear you!
Now you can easily communicate with your Passenger In Apps with the new instant messaging feature.
It's now available for you, so Ez and Convenient!

NOTES: Update your EzDriver apps to the latest version to get this Chat Features.

Step 1

Click the “” to accept for the order.

Step 2

a. Click "" button to call passenger.

b. Click "" button to communicate In Apps with Passenger.

Step 3

a. Chatting function: Type your message to passenger


b. Select Quick Messages.

c. Select "" to Send.

Step 4

Closing Chat window
Click "" to exit the chat window.
* Message history will clear once Picked up.

Message Notification

a. Notification will pop up on top.

b. A small red notification will show on the "" Driver can click and open up the Chat Window.

How To Change Payment Option

Wednesday, 19 Sep 2018

How To Change Payment Option

Upon drop-off, if customer decided to pay with other payment option (i.e. Cash) instead of Touch 'n Go (TNG) eWallet, follow the steps below to change the payment method.

Step 1

Click the Payment Method.

Step 2

Select the payment method that customer prefers to use.
* Unless Touch 'n Go (TNG) eWallet got problem, then only change the payment method to CASH.

Step 3

And slide to "Proceed".

NOTE: You may collect cash directly from customer only when they agree to change the payment method to CASH.