Report Accident

5.1. Taxi Driver Car breakdown and get Operator suspend for 3 hours, AR deducted & credit deducted, why?

In any emergency situation such as accident, your safety comes first. In the event of an accident:

  1. Stop the vehicle.
  2. If possible, maximize visibility and warning so other vehicles can see you.
  3. Call MERS 999. You must do this if any contact is made with a fixed object, an animal, a person or another vehicle.
  4. During the call:
    • Speak clearly and slowly.
    • Give your exact location and time of the accident.
    • How the accident happened.
    • Type of injuries (if any).
    • State if there is a need for ambulance or BOMBA (Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia).
  5. Do not move the vehicle for safety reasons or by police order.
  6. Gather as much information/evidence as possible, e.g. pictures of damaged and surrounding areas. If possible, also get the name and phone numbers of witnesses.
  7. Exchange the following particulars of involved parties (if applicable):
    • Full name
    • Identification number
    • Address
    • Contact number
    • Vehicle registration number
    • Name of insurance company
  8. All accidents must be reported to EzCab within 24 hours, to our call centre at +603-62592929.
    • If your vehicle is unsafe to drive, call your authorised vehicle workshop.
    • Check with your authorised vehicle workshop before doing any private settlement.
    • Bring your vehicle to the authorised vehicle workshop for inspection.
    • You are required to make a traffic accident report within 24 hours when an accident involves injury, death, pedestrian, cyclist, government or foreign vehicles and government property.

How It Works?

The map shows you where there are incoming Booking request:

  1. Red = Very High
  2. Yellow = High
  3. Green = Medium
  4. No colour = Low

How to use?

  • Use map to identify closest ‘High Demand’ area to where you are & heads towards there.
  • Zoom in & out on the map to identify specific ‘High Demand’ areas. At maximum zoom, you will see a dot.