Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Let’s GOYANG KAKI programme

Low Commitment, High Incentive


Refer passenger now, Earn high incentive afterwards

Get onboard now for this win-win deal!

Build your own customer base by sending them your referral code! EzCab will reward you more incentive once your new passenger successfully applied your referral code.

Sharing is earning, spread your code to build your passive income!

How To Refer Passenger

Refer as many as you could and be rewarded yourself with high incentive too!

Follow steps below:


Step 1

Click "Referral" on EzDriver App Menu

Step 2

Passenger to key in your (Driver) referral code in their (Passenger) ‘Referral Code’ column on Menu.

Step 3

Passenger will get the Promo reward & you will enjoy the referral incentive.

How to check my Incentive history

Example Interface of your referral incentive.

a. Weekly Referral(s) =  Number of People your refer in this week.

b. Weekly Trip(s) = Number of trip completed by your total referral in this week.

c. Weekly Earning = Amount of your incentive in this week.

d. Total Referral(s) = Total number of People your refer until last update.

e. Total Earning = Total amount of your earning until last update.

Example scenario:

If your current package is below 10%, this message will pop-up in your apps.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This Let’s GOYANG KAKI incentive plan is valid for 10 - 15% Driver-Partners nationwide.
  2. To qualify for this incentive plan, Driver-Partner must be registered at office or online sign up only.
  3. To entitle for the Incentive, each Driver-Partner must hit a minimum amount of 10 trips required per week and maintain a minimum Acceptance Rate (AR) 40% and above. The percentage rebate or bonus are only applicable to job with total fare excluding toll charges.
  4. All fare calculations are based on the EzCab apps system display price (price is before promo code discount). Fare calculations excludes additional charge for tolls and any other charges that is not included in the standard app fare.
  5. The incentive structure will begin on every Monday 12:00am and cut off time on Sunday 11:59pm, only completed jobs within time frame will be counted.
  6. Order pick up from your registered states only.
  7. Daily referral incentive statement will be update everyday after 12.00am.
  8. A cancelled booking (either by passenger or driver) nullifies the number of trips.
  9. The system will calculate your weekly total referral incentive amount to your EzWallet account after 12.00am(Monday).
  10. EzCab reserves the right to withdraw, amend and/or alter any part of the Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice. If any dispute, EzCab reserves the final decision- request for appeal and review will not be entertained.

Cash out/Top up credit:

  1. Driver may choose to use the account rebate amount accumulated in EzWallet as top up credit or cash out.
  2. Driver must ensure your EzDriver account is registered with a valid bank account number with EzCab management.
  3. Cash out request will be processed within three (3) working days (excluding Public Holiday and Saturday/Sunday) to your registered bank account.
  4. There will be no additional Funds transfer charges until further notice.
  5. EzCab reserves the sole & absolute right to forfeit incentives & suspend accounts of Drivers-Partner who display conduct that EzCab considers inappropriate or unacceptable (e.g.: gaming, fake bookings, over charge customer, etc.). EzCab’s decision is final and conclusive – requests for appeal and review will not be entertained.
  6. The incentive plan is not applicable combine with previous earning trips and not able to carry forward.
  7. Unless otherwise stated, Let’s GOYANG KAKI Incentive is only applicable to completed trips for EzGo, EzCar, Budget (Meter), Premium, Executive and EzCar (L).
  8. In case of non-Fixed Fare ride (e.g. Budget (Meter)), an estimated range of fare will be shown in the app.  Hence for qualified ride, the extra rebate will be computed based on the lowest range of the estimated fare. (e.g. If estimated fare for the qualified trip is RM10 -16, then RM10 will be used to compute for the extra rebate.)


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