Incentive, Commission & Fare Issue

16.1. Commission very high 15%, why?
According to new laws, actually 20% commission is needed for Private Car but we still give the low from the new laws. (Updated 26 July 2018)

16.2. Fare too low, why?

Fare are vary depends on many conditions such as Peak Hour, Public Holiday, weather and so on. (Updated 18 July 2018)

16.3. Why incentive trip very hard to achieve?

Incentive structure will change weekly. To take more jobs and achieve incentives, refer to heat map guide here: (Updated 18 July 2018)

16.4. Why fixed fare Driver will receive Meter fare?

Please report to call centre, we will investigate.

Driver need to provide:

  • Car Plate No.
  • IC number
  • Screenshot
  • Phone model
  • Driver apps version (Updated 18 July 2018)

16.5. Why estimate fare always not correct ?

Estimate Fare is calculated based on normal traffic condition and it only for reference. Actual Fare are vary depends on many conditions such as traffic condition, weather and so on. (Updated 18 July 2018)

How It Works?

The map shows you where there are incoming Booking request:

  1. Red = Very High
  2. Yellow = High
  3. Green = Medium
  4. No colour = Low

How to use?

  • Use map to identify closest ‘High Demand’ area to where you are & heads towards there.
  • Zoom in & out on the map to identify specific ‘High Demand’ areas. At maximum zoom, you will see a dot.