EzGo (Fixed Fare) – Shorter waiting time, twice the chance!

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

EzGo (Fixed Fare) - Shorter waiting time, twice the chance!

Find the nearest vehicle to you!

With our greatest pleasure, we would like to launch EzGo (Fixed Fare) to make your journey smooth as silk.

Shorter waiting time, twice the chance!

Unlock you to a larger network of vehicles!

What is EzGo

EzGo (Fixed Fare) combining all our fleets and assigns the NEAREST vehicle to you to shorten and minimize your waiting time.

Our combined fleets including Budget Taxi, Executive and Private car in one icon.

Why EzGo

EzGo (Fixed Fare) is able to provide you easier, safer and efficient ride within a few minutes. You'll also know the upfront FIXED FARE before you book.


 Assigns the nearest vehicle to minimize your waiting time.


No surcharges such as Demand charges & Booking fees.

Fixed Upfront Fare

What you see is what you pay!

How to book EzGo

Follow simple steps below:

Step 1

Tap on “EzGo (Fixed Fare)” icon.

Step 2

Enter your Pick-up & Drop-off point

Step 3

Tap "BOOK" & the nearest vehicle is on the way now!

A new way to experience your ride with EzCab!

For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to email us at enquiry@ezcab.com.my or flip us a message at facebook.com/ezcabmalaysia


EzCab will assign the nearest vehicle automatically to you, it would be faster and save up your time.
No, EzGo (Fixed Fare) service is fixed fare! You will only need to pay for the fare shown on the apps itself to the Driver.
Yes, aside of toll charges there will be no surcharges such as demand surcharge and booking fees.

Download the EzCab app

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