Friday, 10 Jan 2020

EzCab Fixed Fare job from Call Centre

With the recent increase of demand, We’ve noticed a substantial amount of jobs are being ignored. This will result to a longer waiting time for Passenger.

Therefore, in our continuous effort to strive to improve the experience for you, EzCab is introducing Call Centre order in Fixed fare basis. Call Centre order will now dispatch to all EzCab Drivers included Private Driver & Taxi Drivers. The calculation fare will be in Fixed Fare basis.

This would mean less waiting time and more of your time spent earning. This is part of our commitment to provide the best ride-hailing experience for both passengers & drivers!

If need further assistance, may refer to EzCab Support Centre at 03-6256 2000.


When you have arrived at the pick up location,

a. Click “I’M HERE” button to inform the passenger that you have reached.

b. If necessary, call the passenger to get the exact waiting location.

Note: Chat feature are not available for Call Centre order.



Customer will receive a SMS to notify the Booking too.

May request Passenger to show this proof of evidence of Booking from Call Centre to relevant authorities on road. (when it is needed).