Wednesday, 31 Jul 2019

EzCab x MSIG to offer all EzCab Drivers
an exclusive 10% rebate

SECTION 1: What is E-Hail E-Zee products in MSIG?

E-Hail E-Zee is the motor insurance add-on that all e-hailing drivers need. 

It supplements comprehensive protection by providing coverage when the vehicle is used for carrying e-hailing (fare-paying) passenger(s).


SECTION 2: Benefit.

Benefits: 10% discount rebate when you renew your motor insurance. 

Protect yourself, your customers and your car with 24/7 MSIG Motor Assist and Zero excess.


SECTION 3: Value-Added Service.

MSIG Motor Comprehensive policyholders with E-Hail E-Zee Motor Add-On will continue to enjoy the value-added services of the Motor Assist programme for vehicle breakdowns or accidents.


No, as E-Hail E-Zee is an add-on coverage for MSIG Motor Comprehensive Insurance, to purchase this add-on, Motor Insurance must be insured with MSIG.
E-Hail E-Zee protects car, driver and passenger when in e-hailing mode.
  • Personal accident cover for driver.
  • Damage to your own car, third party property and third party bodily injury.
  • Legal liability to passengers - if they sue you for the accident.
  • Legal liability of passenger- damage or accident to third party caused by the passenger(s).
  • Personal Accident cover of RM10,000 for accidental injury or death of authorised e-Hailing drivers.
The premium is not fixed, it is risk based, premium dependant on the driving experience, claim experience and vehicle make and model.
Yes. Cancellation of the add-on is allowed; however, there is no premium refund.
Reinstatement of cover is not required.
  • For Own Damage claim as it will follow NCD rule.
  • If there is a claim involving legal liability to passenger.

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