Wednesday, 4 Sep 2019

Driver Timeout Feature

Slide to ‘Unlock’ when you’re ready to pick up jobs!


With the recent increase of demand from Riders, we've noticed a substantial amount of jobs are being ignored. This will result to a longer waiting time & far away pickup points the drivers.

EzCab is introducing a new feature ‘Locked’ and ‘Unlocked’ screen. This is to ensure all Driver-Partner are in the fully READY mode to pick up incoming job. This would mean less waiting time and more of your time spent earning.

This is part of our commitment to provide the best ride ehailing experience for both passengers and drivers.

Will appear if you ignored the job specially assigned to you.

Slide the "Slide to Unlock" to continue receiving jobs.

Note: If you did not perform "slide to unlock", there will be no incoming jobs assigned for you.