Support Ticket System Guide



If get any call from driver or passenger to complain or have any other issues, please key in their info in this system.

Click here for the link :


Step 1
Login your EzCab Administrative Console


Step 2
Click “Support”.


Step 3
Click “Create Support Ticket”.


Step 4
Insert driver info such as:

  1. Car Plate No. OR
  2. IC No.

Then click “Search”.


Step 5
Then click “Support”.


Step 6
Key in their information such as:

  1. Category
  2. Their email address (refer info above in system)
  3. Details (their issue)
    • Driver complains: OR
    • Customer complains:

Then click “Save”.


Step 7
After Save, click “Support”, then click “View Support Ticket”.

Notes : Operator only can view the ticket.

How It Works?

The map shows you where there are incoming Booking request:

  1. Red = Very High
  2. Yellow = High
  3. Green = Medium
  4. No colour = Low

How to use?

  • Use map to identify closest ‘High Demand’ area to where you are & heads towards there.
  • Zoom in & out on the map to identify specific ‘High Demand’ areas. At maximum zoom, you will see a dot.