EzCab and Driver app

12.1. What is driver app name?

  • EzDriver (available on Google Play Store).

12.2. Did driver app apply at iOS and android?

  •  EzDriver available on android only.

12.3. There is passenger app name?

  •  Yes, it is EzCab (Available on Google Play Store and App Store).

12.4.  Did passenger apply at iOS and android?

  • Yes, both apply to the passenger.

How It Works?

The map shows you where there are incoming Booking request:

  1. Red = Very High
  2. Yellow = High
  3. Green = Medium
  4. No colour = Low

How to use?

  • Use map to identify closest ‘High Demand’ area to where you are & heads towards there.
  • Zoom in & out on the map to identify specific ‘High Demand’ areas. At maximum zoom, you will see a dot.