Driver Credit

2.1. Cannot view credit balance?
You need to restart your phone first then reopen the EzDriver apps and the apps will be back to normal. If still cannot work, provide vehicle number & phone model for us to check and pass this case to technical team to handle it.

2.2. Credit not tally?

  • After top-up? Please provide information below for further investigation:
    • Car Plate Number.
    • Top-up Date & Time.


  • After Driver Cancel or Passenger Cancel? Please provide information below for further investigation to our support team at
    • Car Plate Number.
    • Order ID.

2.3. Without any credit balance can the driver continue to receive jobs?
Example for 12% package:

E.g 1. If credit balance is RM0.80, the driver can receive job below RM6.

E.g 2. If credit balance is RM1.20, the driver can receive job below RM10.


2.4. Why credit balance shows amount RM0.00?
Kindly restart EzDriver apps.(Updated 17 July 2018)

How It Works?

The map shows you where there are incoming Booking request:

  1. Red = Very High
  2. Yellow = High
  3. Green = Medium
  4. No colour = Low

How to use?

  • Use map to identify closest ‘High Demand’ area to where you are & heads towards there.
  • Zoom in & out on the map to identify specific ‘High Demand’ areas. At maximum zoom, you will see a dot.