Wednesday, 31 Oct 2018

How to accept Credit / Debit Card payment order

Learn how to accept Credit / Debit card payment

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Accepting ALIPAY Order

Accepting Credit / Debit Card Order

Step 1

a. Payment Option — -indicates this passenger will pay with Credit / Debit card.

Click the () to accept for the order.

Step 2

 Once your passenger is in your vehicle, click “PICK UP” button.

Step 3

Upon successfully dropping off your passenger, click “DROP OFF” button to indicate the completion of this order.

Step 4

Enter the toll amount (if any).

Step 5

 Click “Proceed” button.

Step 6

Wait for your transaction to complete.

Step 7

If success, then this message will appear.

Step 8

If not success, then this message will appear.

* Need to change payment method. Refer more here :

Step 9

After success, will direct go to rating page & rate your passenger.

How To Change Payment Option

What if Credit card payment unsuccessful upon drop-off? Follow the steps below to change the payment method.

Step 1

Click the Payment Method.

Step 2

Select the payment method that customer prefers to use.
* Unless Credit / Debit Card got problem, then only change the payment method to CASH.

Step 3

And click "Proceed".

NOTE: You may collect cash directly from customer only when they agree to change the payment method to CASH.