Tuesday, 08 November 2016

EzCab Promo Code Campaign

EzCab App PROMO CODE campaign will be launched as part of the company's effort to promote the use of EzCab Taxi Booking App.

Incoming orders with Promo Code will be displayed in the BLUE box as per image below. Kindly deduct the PROMO discount displayed from total fare. The Promo Code discounted amount will be converted into credit.

Kindly refers to the terms & conditions below :

Terms & Conditions for Promo Code Discounts:

  1. Promo Code value will be automatically converted to respective driver’s credit.
  2. Promo Code credit is not exchangeable for cash.
  3. Only completed rides (upon drop-off) are considered valid.
  4. All bookings must be made via the EzCab App.
  5. A 7-day suspension will be imposed to drivers who does not apply discount to Promo Code passengers.