EzCab e-Receipts for Business or Personal

Organise your EzCab ride e-Receipts for better cost management

Make your life easier and get organised! Now you can tag your rides as Personal or Business in the EzCab app and manage all your e-receipts online when you log in to EzCab Web Portal.

Click this link to Scan and Log In: http://ezcab.com.my/index.php/web

How to Tag your EzCab Ride


Stay organized when you book your ride by categorize it into 'Business' or 'Personal'.

How to login EzCab Web Portal

Step 1

Tap the Menu and select EzCab Web

Step 2

Visit www.ezcab.com.my/index.php/web on your computer.

Step 3

Scan the QR Code

Step 4

Upon successful log in to manage your statement:

a) Choose your date
b) Select your Tag “Business” or “Personal”

EzCab Web Portal FAQ

What is the purposes for the 'Business' tag & 'Personal' tag?

It's used to categorise your 'Personal' or 'Business' rides with EzCab. Stay organized and neat.

How to tag Business Rides?

To tag your trips as Business Rides, follow these steps.

  1. Tap on Personal to change your ride's tag to Business.
  2. Choose your payment method
How to set up EzCab Web Portal?

Simple, follow tutorial steps above!


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